Background/ Facts On the Internet

       The first network (ARPANET) is invented  by ARPA in 1969 (  The next big thing to come was when Len Kleinrock invented electronic mail or email  in 1973 even though the ARPANET was not intended to be a message system (When Wizards Stay Up Late). When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1991, the Internet became even easier to use than before (World Book). The Internet was even further simplified when browsers arrived on the web in 1993 (World Book). By the beginning  of the 21st century, about 360 million people around the world had Internet access ( An example of how fast the Internet grew is that it took forty-six years to wire thirty percent of the U.S. for electricity; but the Internet only took seven years to get the same amount of connection to American homes ( Social networking and gaming have become a big part of the Internet and the Web. According to the Facebook statistics page, there are more than five hundred million active users. Two hundred million of these users access Facebook through their mobile devices. About fifty-six million Americans are playing online social games.  ARPANET was the “Grandfather" of the Internet  we know today.