Reasons Why The Internet Was Created Related To The Cold War

     When the Soviet Union launched the first man-made satellite, Sputnik 1, in 1957, the U.S. started to think more about science and technology ( Even though Sputnik was only the size of a beach ball, it was proof that the Soviets were capable of bigger and better things and were going to win the Cold War because of it ( In response to the launch of Sputnik, President Eisenhower formed the Advanced Research Projects Agency. Just four months later, the U.S. launched its first satellite, Explorer 1 (World Book). After that, ARPA decided to focus on computer networking that would  eventually become  ARPANET ( The continued race for manned space flight and the push to put a man on the moon furthered the need for powerful and networked computers. The launch of Sputnik I pushed the United States to create the Internet. 

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The picture to the left is a replica of Sputnik I, the reason why the Advanced Research Projects Agency was formed.