Reasons Why The Internet Was Created Related to Nuclear and Natural Disasters

  There are several reasons the Internet was created. One reason  was the fear of nuclear attack and natural disasters. If all of the military information was in Washington, D.C., and it  was bombed, all of their information would be lost. By having the information spread out,  they could stop worrying about it being lost ( In addition to the fear of nuclear attack and other natural disasters, the Internet was created because there were not enough powerful computers to store important military and research information  ( With the creation of the Internet, there didn't have to be a lot of powerful computers because the information could be shared to anyone connected to the ARPANET. In addition to the fear of nuclear and natural disasters, the Internet also owes its creation to the Cold War.

'Primary targets for Soviet ICBMs during the 1980s. The resulting fall-out is indicated with the darkest considered as 'lethal' to relatively fall-out free yellow zones.' This shows the importance of having information spread out across the country. Picture from